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here are a few examples of what some folks I’ve worked with have to say…

“Maria is a conscientious woman who cares about her clients… She has been my acupuncturist for the past seven years. I consider her to be an important part of my emotional health. Her gentle approach is helping me to achieve my goals.”
M., Artist and Teacher
“Maria is a fantastic acupuncturist and wonderful listener. Her observations about my overall health have been insightful and accurate. I have been coping with endometriosis pain and irregular cycles for a long time. Maria’s treatments have reduced pain more than surgeries and pharmaceuticals combined!  I now consider acupuncture to be an essential component of my health and wellbeing…and for me Maria = acupuncture!”
D., Photographer
“Maria’s use of acupuncture and supplements have resolved my aches and pains. Maria’s use of Processology has made her an effective facilitator in empowering ME to resolve the deep rooted causes of my emotional and sometimes physical problems. Her insightfulness and neutrality has helped me to see my life from different points of view. This has helped me obtain a higher level of conscious awareness, spirituality, and inner strength. I am truly a better person having known her.”
H., Martial Arts Instructor and Business Owner
“I was experiencing Crohn’s disease and my medical doctors were getting no results with drug treatments. The word surgery finally make me realize that they could not help me. I looked elsewhere and found Maria Moraca, an outstanding diagnostician and accomplished energy healer who used Processology to help me resolve the underlying problems that caused the Crohn’s symptoms. Within 6 months I was symptom free while getting off the drugs. Maria helps you heal yourself and amazingly enough you can do a Processology session over the phone.”
C., Engineer
“Maria truly cares about her clients and is dedicated to helping them. She uses a combination of acupuncture, vitamins and Processology to accurately diagnose and treat my family. I always know that I can completely trust the treatment and care that she gives us. Whether on the phone or in her office, she is able to give me advice and walk me through the proper steps to start the natural healing process of my body. I’m proud to have her as “my” doctor.”
M., Licensed Massage Therapist
“Maria’s Processology work is gentle but powerful. Processology sorts through the feelings, behaviors and dynamics that created a physical or emotional challenge. With Maria’s expert guidance I have been able to release many energies and stressors. Processology is an amazingly liberating experience. It allows you to renew your sense of choice and opens you to many new possibilities. I highly recommend this technique to anyone who is open to new perspectives.”
S., Office Manager