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2015 Sep. 10

Hands on…


  I "found" this blog when a friend posted a link on FB. I enjoyed these b&w images immensely. The positioning of his hands tell of a gentleness and thoroughness that is very appealing. It's a gift to feel that one has a caring, experienced practitioner, regardless of the healing modality. Click here to see [...]

2015 Jun. 14

The Changing Seasons – Summer


  Summer is the time of the Fire element; heat, heat and more heat! The organs of Fire are Heart and Small Intestine. Summer is moving and flowing and making things happen. Gardens are bountiful, the days are long, and excitement is high. It’s a great time of year to leap into the DOING. Spring [...]

2015 Mar. 10

The Changing Seasons – Spring


  Spring is right around the corner! In my neck of the woods we haven’t seen much snow this winter, but it’s been drab and damp, and typically overcast. I’m excited by the lengthening of the days, more sun, and this time of renewal and evolution. This is the season of the Wood Element in [...]

2014 Nov. 23

The Changing Seasons – Winter


  Here in beautiful North Carolina it's definitely rolling into winter. Our temperatures are steadily dropping and my fleece and wool pieces are out and in use. I lived in Florida for 20+ years, so I’m not really acclimated to the wintry weather (even our “temperate” winters, here). I like to take extra special care [...]

2014 Sep. 14

The Changing Seasons – Autumn


  For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, the season of autumn is upon us. Autumn precedes the deep and quiet winter; it’s a time of preparation, of storing up what will nourish us through the next season, and of leaving behind what does not feed us. According to Chinese medicine/5-element philosophy, autumn is [...]

2011 Nov. 15

A common question…


I have many people ask me if acupuncture can help them quit smoking. My response is a resounding “yes!” Acupuncture is wonderful at alleviating the side effects that tend to occur with nicotine withdrawal. Those symptoms, in part, are often what sends a person back to the smoking behavior. Arghhhh, the moodiness, anxiety, stress, not [...]

2011 Nov. 2

Yum winter snacks, oh yea.


My favorite way to eat kale is roasted, or popcorn kale as I like to call it. It is super simple and shockingly tasty. I've noticed roasted kale chips recently at Whole Foods in the snack aisle and it is crazy expensive. There are "recipes" (I hesitate to call them that because of how easy [...]

2011 Aug. 19

Integrating the methods


This is an interesting article, according to one study 76% of health care workers use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM, although I much prefer the term "natural medicine" myself) for themselves. CAM includes acupuncture, chiropractic, supplements, dietary changes, yoga, etc. I can personally attest to treating far more Western medicine healthcare workers in the last [...]

2011 Aug. 5

Acupuncture heals cities… sort of.


Check out this article on reinvigorating cities with small-scale, pro-community and budget friendly changes. I LOVE the way they connect a simple, inexpensive, effective, and caring (to the community) mode of revitalization to acupuncture. It is a spot on metaphor.