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I’m Maria Moraca, LAc.

I studied acupuncture and herbs at the Academy of Chinese Healing Arts in Sarasota, Florida, and have been a licensed acupuncturist since 1999.

I’ve been working with folks using muscle response testing, herbs, nutrition, and energy modalities since 1996, and been a certified Processology practitioner since 2006.

I have a unique set of learned skills and innate talents, and we can use them as you see fit.

Do you really like acupuncture, but not taking vitamins? That’s totally cool.

Do you love woo-woo ways of engaging with your inner world? I have you covered.

My mission is collaborating with you, to get you more of what you want, and facilitating your whole-self health.

Want to know a bit more about me?

I’m originally from NJ, but I’ve lived in the South most of my life. I’ve been in Durham, NC since 2007.

In my downtime, I love to sew and craft, read, eat well, and enjoy life’s small pleasures with my husband.

Nice to meet you!