The Changing Seasons – Summer


Summer is the time of the Fire element; heat, heat and more heat! The organs of Fire are Heart and Small Intestine.

Summer is moving and flowing and making things happen. Gardens are bountiful, the days are long, and excitement is high.

It’s a great time of year to leap into the DOING. Spring was about new growth, and strategizing. Summer is about bringing all your hard work to fruition.

A great affirmation for this time of year is:

“I have room for abundance in my life.”

On to the physical experience of summer…

If you tend to run on the cold side, the heat of summer is a welcome diversion.

However, if you tend to run hot, summer can exacerbate certain symptoms. Insomnia, certain stress-related experiences, skin conditions, and IBS can all potentially worsen in the summer.

What are some things you can do to offset the heat?

Eat salads and drink smoothies.

The reason we enjoy salads and cold meals is not just because we don’t want the oven to heat up the entire house; it’s because raw foods and fruits and vegetables have cooling properties, which help us to ease the heat of the season.

(Quick note: I’m not a vegetarian, by any means. However, I do notice the heat-reducing benefits of a higher ratio of plant-based foods in my diet in the summer!)

Peppermint tea.

Very cooling, and tasty. Hot or iced, either way works.

Ice on the back of your neck.

I’m sure you’ve seen the packs. (They look a bit odd, yes.) They work because they cool Gallbladder 20 and 21, which are both acupuncture points that clear heat. Totally worth looking like a bit of a goof!

Some acupressure, of course!

Kidney 3: this point is on the inner aspect of the lower leg, halfway between your achilles tendon and your ankle bone (or the medial malleolus for anatomy peeps).

Heart 7: this point is found by holding your hand palm up, and drawing a line from the tip of your pinky, down your palm, to the fold of your wrist. Your finger will fall right into a hollow, and that’s HT7.

K3 is used for many purposes, and is a powerful point. It strengthens the Yin, or cold aspect, of the kidneys, which helps to offset the excess heat that can exist in the Yang aspect.

Heart 7 releases heat, and also balances the emotion (read: crankiness) we can experience when we feel too hot.

It’s best to hold both the right and left sides of the same point at the same time, with a medium amount of pressure, for approximately 60 seconds at a time; then do the same with the second point.

I am wishing you a wonderful, full, bursting-with-life summer! Enjoy!

(This post does not constitute medical advice, folks. These are suggestions to support maintenance and prevention. Please see your medical provider for any symptom concerns you may have. )