A common question…

I have many people ask me if acupuncture can help them quit smoking.

My response is a resounding “yes!” Acupuncture is wonderful at alleviating the side effects that tend to occur with nicotine withdrawal. Those symptoms, in part, are often what sends a person back to the smoking behavior. Arghhhh, the moodiness, anxiety, stress, not to mention sleep issues, constipation, headache… Acupuncture is a great tool for stress reduction and is very effective for headaches and digestive concerns. I’ve had many clients over the years express to me how helpful needles were when they stopped smoking.

Another thing I often suggest to people: When you first become a non-smoker, avoid nightshade vegetables for 8-12 weeks.

What exactly are nightshade vegetables?

Tobacco is part of the nightshade family. All nightshade vegetables contain nicotine, albeit in much smaller amounts then tobacco. Ingesting even the tiny amount that exists in eggplant or tomatoes, it is theorized, can wake up the nicotine receptors, causing a continued craving.

I’d love to hear feedback from anyone who tries this…