I hope they got the anesthesia right.

So, yea. The blogging has been pretty sparse around these parts lately. However. All is well. All is wonderful, actually. Life is grand and my acupuncture clients are sweet, funny, generous, lovely people who I absolutely enjoy working with. Hopefully the feeling is mutual :-) I’ve been spending lots of time on my other website. […]

That I didn’t get to needle the bunny. http://www.news-record.com/content/2012/02/02/article/museum_bunny_gets_acupuncture_for_twitching_head

Acupuncture gift certificates are available! There is a fancy new menu button with all the details you need to get someone you care for the gift of… love? Health? Stress relief? Yes! All of the above! One of these babies with some scrumptious chocolate (the selection at parkerandotis.com leaves me drooling) or a bottle of […]

I have many people ask me if acupuncture can help them quit smoking. My response is a resounding “yes!” Acupuncture is wonderful at alleviating the side effects that tend to occur with nicotine withdrawal. Those symptoms, in part, are often what sends a person back to the smoking behavior. Arghhhh, the moodiness, anxiety, stress, not […]

You may have seen the recent study that claims taking vitamins is bad for your health. Or puts you at a higher risk for death. Or will cause you to grow a second head. Depends on what media outlet you caught the story on. Here are a few facts on the study: It spanned 19 […]

My favorite way to eat kale is roasted, or popcorn kale as I like to call it. It is super simple and shockingly tasty. I’ve noticed roasted kale chips recently at Whole Foods in the snack aisle and it is crazy expensive. There are “recipes” (I hesitate to call them that because of how easy […]


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